Nooks Team

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Adrienne Thomas


We are so much more than your average cleaning company. We cater to your needs, wants and budget. We are not a large corporate company with a lot of rules. We are really here to serve you, your family and your business.

Lisa Burnett-Waller

Virtual Admin Assistant

Lisa has been in the cleaning industry for 10+ years. She has an extensive background in administrative and legal support. She is a health enthusiast and loves to workout and play tennis.

Janet Randall

Lead Service Tech and Trainer

Janet has been in the cleaning industry for 10+ years and enjoys the satisfaction of making her customers happy. Janet enjoys baking cakes and pies for her family and friends. She also enjoys doing DIY projects.

Dorjee Redmon

Service Tech

“DJ” Redmon has been in the cleaning industry for 5+ years. DJ loves spending time with her nieces and nephews. She loves putting smiles on customer faces. In her spare time she enjoys DIY projects.

This is why people love us! Get "crannitized" We don't judge, we clean"

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